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The Flex5 Lifestyle Masterclass 

In this online program, you will learn...

  • how to understand your body better than ever before.
  • how to make the most of your metabolism.
  • the basics of metabolic health, including how type 2 diabetes occurs and what you can do about it. 
  • how to improve your relationship with food and address emotional eating. 
  • how to leverage the 5 Keys to Optimal Wellness to lose weight and improve your health for the long-term.
  • how to find the perfect balance of discipline without extremism using power skills like the 5% Fun Zone, 1-minute halftime, and SLIP technique.
  • how to read lab results and the best way to include your doctor on your health journey. 

Tom Rifai MD FACP

Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Tom has over 20 years of experience helping patients lose weight and reverse type 2 diabetes. His flexitarian approach to health led him to develop the 5 Keys to Optimal Wellness — a program utilized by Harvard Medical School. 

The healthcare industry is filled with fad diets and supplements that often do more harm than good. With the The Flex5 Lifestyle Masterclass, you'll learn the lifestyle changes required to reverse your disease risk by 85% and how the 5 Keys to Optimal Wellness, mind-matters, nutritionactivity, accountability, and environment play a role in your success. 


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This online program is for you if...


You Want to Prioritize Your Personal Health 

You have goals in life you see slipping away unless you change your lifestyle and learn how to take care of your health.

You're Ready for a Lifestyle Change

You aren't expecting a "quick fix" and you are ready to take serious action for your health using the 5 Keys to Optimal Wellness.

You Want to Reduce Diabetes Risk by 85% 

You want to learn the essential tools and skills needed to cut your risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, dementia, and cancer. 

Masterclass Alumni

The 5 Keys to Optimal Wellness has been taught to doctors at Harvard Medical School for years. Now it's accessible to YOU through the The Flex5 Lifestyle Masterclass. See the results of this simple system: 



1-Year Access

  • 14 hours of video lessons taught by Dr. Tom.
  • Weekly Concept Checks to test your knowledge.
  • Weekly recipes developed by a professional chef to support your progress. 
  • Immediate access to Dr. Tom's private 5 Keys Facebook Group. 
  • Bi-weekly emails from Dr. Tom with tips on how to stay on track. 

Your Success is Guaranteed

Still not sure if The Flex5 Lifestyle Masterclass is for you? Hear from one of our participants, Stephanie Weber. 


What People Are Saying

Our students' success speaks volumes.

"For the first time ever, I have returned from vacation weighing less than I did when I left. And I enjoyed the food just as much, if not more. I owe this success and my recent change in nutritional habits to Dr. Tom. I'm down 60 pounds! My family and I are incredibly grateful for your Masterclass. Our nutritional, physical, and mental health is one of the most important things in life." 

Barton Morris

Masterclass Participant

"Dr. Tom! Thank you so much for the Masterclass. I'm down almost 20 pounds with all your great insights and skills you teach. More importantly, I feel SO much better. I have gone through the most stress I have ever experienced in the last few months. But having the Masterclass has kept me from going off the deep end with food. Thank you!!

Linny Mailloux

Masterclass Participant

"Working with Dr. Tom Rifai's 5 Keys system has literally been life-changing. Not only am I down 20 lbs, but I feel 20 years younger. This has had a direct impact on my business, enabling me to be more productive, have higher energy, and achieve significantly more than before. The 5 Keys have had a direct impact on my business success."

Josh Linkner

Masterclass Participant, Entrepreneur & New York Times Bestselling Author

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